Mountain Grown Specialty Beans from Two Estates in Southern India

Chikmagalur Estate

Bean & Elephant’s family-partnered estate, managed by Nandan Gowda, is nestled in the rolling hills of Baba Budangiri. Our family has worked these beautiful lands since 1857. Thanks to its high altitude, great soil conditions, and ideal rainfall, this location is perfectly situated to grow specialty Arabica coffee. This estate also provides a safe haven for a variety of fauna and flora that thrive in the rich soil, crystalline springs, and luscious environment. Our green coffee beans all come from the rolling hills of Chikmagalur Estate to be roasted and hand-packed before we send them to your doorstep.

Estate 1

Karnataka, India
  • Elevation of estate: 4000 feet (1220 meters)
  • Average Rainfall: 115 inches
  • Type of Coffee Grown: Arabica
  • Wild Animals and birds: Deer, Elephants, Peacocks

Combining State-Of-The-Art Technology with Sustainability

Our estate workers and staff work year-round to transform our deep red coffee cherries into the premium specialty coffee we’re famous for. We take every single detail into consideration. From the chemistry of the soil to the maintenance of our estate, we give our all to take great care of the coffee we produce with love and dedication.

We pull, wash, and dry our specialty coffee using state-of-the-art processes so that we get the perfect moisture content. This way, you can enjoy a taste like you’ve never had before. We take great care to be kind to the wild lands and forests that provide us with the perfect space to grow our coffee — from limiting our use of pesticides and fertilisers, to hand-picking each berry.

More Than An Estate

Chikmagalur Estate is so much more than an estate. It’s home to a community of farmers, families, and workers who help bring delicious single-origin coffee to your table. To show our gratitude for the hard work and dedication our coffee farmers put into every single cup, we’ve helped create a thriving community. Our staff receive comfortable housing, on-site healthcare facilities, and schooling for their children.

Our Promise

We promise to treat our customers, our staff, and our business with the same care and devotion that our coffee farmers show our plants. Thanks to our meticulous hands-on processes, we make sure that our brand, just like our plants, keeps growing, improving, and bringing joy to people across the world.

Igoor Estate

Just like Chikmagalur Estate, Igoor Estate is perfectly situated for growing coffee. This estate specialises in shade-grown Chandragiri Arabica & Robusta that are loved worldwide.

Estate 2

Karnataka, India
  • Elevation of estate: 3100 feet (950 meters)
  • Average Rainfall: 100 inches
  • Type of Coffee Grown: Arabica & Robusta
  • Wild Animals and birds: Elephants, Peacocks

A Legacy in Motion

Igoor Estate located in Sakleshpur, is owned and managed by Igoor Shankar Gowda & cousins who have made it their life’s mission to bring you some of the very best specialty coffee. They work tirelessly to maintain the 130+ year legacy that Igoor Putte Gowda started all those years ago, and they do it by using eco-friendly processes, sustainable practices, and a deep-seated respect for nature and its wonders.

A Haven of Biodiversity

Sakleshpur is not only home to our estate, but also to a thriving ecosystem of animals and plants. You might even see elephants! We do everything in our power to protect and encourage the biodiversity that brings our products to life.

A Lifelong Commitment

Since establishing our estates in 1889, we’ve spent every single day cultivating a love of good coffee, hard work, and kind people. We strive to be as kind to the environment as it has been to us for over a hundred years. We know that our love for our craft can be tasted in each cup of our single-origin coffee, and we plan to keep it that way for the next hundred years.