Our Ecosystem

Bean & Elephant uses fewer agrochemicals, treats our water to minimise pesticides and chemicals, and focuses on making sustainability the focus of everything we do. We keep the nature and wildlife that surrounds our estate intact by being as respectful and eco-conscious as possible. Rest assured that your coffee is naturally and sustainably grown.

We use a mixed cropping system that allows us to cultivate not only coffee, but a variety of other plants and trees – from wild figs growing in the tree shades, to pepper vines creeping steadily across the branches that are home to green pigeons, bee-eaters and Siberian cranes. Our irrigation sources not only water our coffee plants, but they also serve as watering holes for leopards, deer, boar and rabbits when the sun sets.

Our estate is not only home to our business, but to a thriving ecosystem of animals, birds, and plants. We aim to always treat them with the same level of respect and love that we show our clients.


We love our planet as much as we love our coffee. That’s why we’ve been using eco-friendly cultivating processes that protect our harvest, our environment, and the farming communities that make our coffee so special.

We use a three-tiered shade structure on our coffee farm that acts as a nourishing, protective, and filtrating system:

1. The first tier consists of Erythrina lithosperma which enriches the soil and nourishes the coffee plants.

2. The second tier is made up of different trees like Ficus Glomerata and Red Cedar, which protect our coffee plants from the scorching sun. During monsoon season, these trees shed leaves that then create cool and moist soil temperatures.

3. The third tier consists of different hardwood trees that create a tertiary level of shade and attract rainclouds.

Natural streams feed into our estate from the surrounding hills and allow us to easily care for our lands and the people that call them home.

Carbon Neutral

We believe the planet, and its people, are worth fighting for. That’s why B&E is completely uncompromising in our commitment to being a carbon neutral coffee estate. Our fair-trade coffee growing process is as meticulously dedicated to great coffee, as it is to reduce our carbon footprint.

Bean & Elephant’s coffee is shade-grown this it allows us to keep the natural ecosystem intact. Our specialty coffee is grown with love, and dedication to our environment.

A Blooming Legacy

Although harvesting happens over two or three months, our coffee farmers work incredibly hard every single day of the year, and there is no truer testament to their efforts than the beautiful and fragrant coffee blossoms that bloom each March. When you drink our single-origin coffee, we hope you’ll think of the miles of beautiful white flowers that are as unique and wonderful as each cup of specialty coffee.

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